Founded in 2005, our team is comprised of lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants from many different backgrounds in law, real estate, education, and property management. We believe this diverse mix of talent brings a special understanding to the financial burden and emotional aspect of evictions. We listen, give advice, and create a plan of action for every client we represent.

With a focus squarely on assisting landlords in evictions cases, Lone Star Eviction Service continues to strive for excellent client service and the highest level of client satisfaction. Every eviction case is as unique as every landlord. We view both with great attention to detail and integrity. And because of this, clients return to us for more assistance.

Lone Star Eviction Services will continue to stand and evict tenants that violate their lease agreements, pushing landlords to the edge of financial ruin. We know evictions and will use every legal right to protect landlords throughout the eviction process. Call us today for a free consultation.